Years of following her passion of painting the landscape have given Dot Turnipseed Svendson rich resources in developing all of her works from figure to abstract. Extensive painting outside in Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia and the coastal plains of Texas have expanded Dot’s broad knowledge of the structure and feelings of the land.

Dot’s career studying and painting has spanned over 30 years. Winning a first-place prize from the University of Alabama at the age of 8, she has had several one woman and two person shows in Washington, D. C., exhibited at juried shows in Alexandria, Virginia, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has had a one woman show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her work has been exhibited in U. S. Senate offices and U.S. House of Representatives offices.

She has also had a two woman show in London, England, and in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2005 she was honored to be selected by Everett Raymond Kinstler for a group show in Nashville, Tennessee. She is grateful for the many influential teachers in her past, but credits her greatest inspiration and encouragement to nationally and internationally acclaimed artists Everett Raymond Kinstler of New York City and William Christenberry of Washington, D.C.

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